Sunday, October 22, 2017

This fantastic Yenko Stinger Stage II was at the Art Center Classic Car Classic, and it's owned by Jay Leno

Not sure who made this, as no info board was by this... but I think it's either Gary Wales, or the Blastolene brothers

notice it has a removable roof panel, might be sliding

a very unexpected vehicle at the Art Center College annual Car Classic, a 1949 Voisin prototype

Gary Wales latest, a classic Bentley.

one of the art students was killing it with this mixed media - ink and watercolor

the coolest car I saw today at the Art Center College annual car show, early 1920s Lancia

last seen at the 2008 Pebble Beach Concours 

the Shelby GR 1 was at the Art Center College annual car show today.... wow... I've never seen it in person before

you might remember it from the desert photos they took of it

or you might recall it from the Galpin Ford GTR1 replica

Look what I tripped over this morning, only a block after getting on my way to the car show... so, I had to stop and take photos. Of course

Hot Wheels customizers have a competition to see who can make the coolest custom from the diecast toys, why they don't have more, or drum up publicity, I don't understand

todays total WTF

trying to avoid a straight pipe noise issue?

repairing the bike with parts from Lowes

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Guy says he had an argument with girlfriend. I count 9 swings with a 7 iron

think a bird flying around in the garage is annoying, how about a roo hopping around?

Luv is in the air

how many people get that reference to a 40 year old song?

first time I've seen a blue AMX 3

I've posted every AMX 3 photo and article I've come across, as I think it's one of the coolest car designs, but I've never seen any color but red and yellow

Paul knew of it! It was on Ebay in 2015

This car was shipped to Indianapolis and driven 1000 miles before being put into storage. It was recently pulled out of storage and a full rebuild was started, including stripping all of the paint back to bare metal.

(You know what happened then - lack of resolve, funds, or commitment)

The owner has now had a change of heart and has decided to sell this car in the condition it is in presently. It is complete, ALL parts are with the car. The pic of the car on stands in bare metal is a current pic.

Reserve was higher than the 236k that was bid. No doubt, the reserve was ridiculous and around 600k.