Monday, June 19, 2017

consider.... where you park and camp is really up to you. (as long as your truck doesn't leak)

I thought this was a damn good idea, until I realized it's going to probably pollute the lake. So, I changed the caption to (as long as your truck doesn't leak) and most don't.

Seriously, there is a lot more pollution from outboard motors exhausting into the lake than a truck that isn't leaking driving through or parking in the lake. I mean those outboards where you mix the gas and oil. 2 strokes.


  1. It's British, it leaks. Kind of like a Harley, that's how you know when to add oil.

  2. It doesn t leak it marks its territory (popular saying about the old Triumph bikes )

  3. i assure you that the lake water will leak into the axle, even if the axle oil doesnt leak into the lake